Our 9.9 Journey (2023)

Jules Romero

Date Published: Sep 15, 2023

When it comes to e-commerce, 9.9 is more than just a date. It marks the start of the mega campaign season, when the biggest e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada offer massive discounts and deals to attract customers. It’s also the time when brands and agencies have to work extra hard to prepare, run, and optimize their digital marketing campaigns.

At Calibr8 Digital, we know the drill. We’ve been through several mega campaigns before, and we’ve learned a lot from each one. But that doesn’t mean every 9.9 is the same. As Renz, a Graphic Artist, mentioned, “this is my 3rd 9.9 at Calibr8, and I must say that each year brings its own unique experience.”

We want to share with you this year’s 9.9 experience from the perspective of our team members. We also want to give you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes and how we overcome the challenges that come our way.

Our preparation period started well before teasing for 9.9 even started. We had to coordinate with our brands to conceptualize banner plans, propose budgets, design the creatives, and more before we even got to set up the ad campaigns. It was a lot of work, but packed with all the lessons we’ve learned from the previous mega campaigns, we were ready for it.

Leslie, a Digital Marketing Analyst (DMA) stated that, “last year, I was always guided by my co-DMAs since I was just a newbie then. I could not make decisions on optimizations on my own unless I consulted with them. But I believe that this year, I was able to contribute more effort into optimizing effectively and trusting my instincts on what the best action steps are.”

Many of our team members had experienced several mega campaigns before. They knew what to expect, and they had confidence in their skills and instincts. They also had the responsibility of guiding and mentoring the newbies who joined us for their first 9.9.

Some of our team members were newbies who had just joined the company or the e-commerce space. They were eager to rise to the occasion, but some understandably felt nervous. They were going to have to deal with a lot of new things. Nikka, who joined Calibr8 this year, shared that, “as a complete newbie, I found myself in a situation where everything was new - a new company, a new role in performance marketing, and a new brand to navigate with new client personalities.”

But whether they were veterans or newbies, everyone in the team had one thing in common heading into the 9.9 season: they were not alone. They had the support of their teammates and their leads.

As Arthur, our Agency TikTok Ads Lead, mentioned, “more than anything, I felt that I was not alone in the chaos because there was support from each other.” Nikka, sharing the same sentiment as Arthur, mentioned, “my cluster - small as it was - and my other colleagues showed remarkable patience and understanding, reminding me that I wasn't alone in this journey.”

During the 9.9 period itself, everyone was focused on delivering the best results for our brands. We had to constantly monitor the performance of our campaigns, and make optimizations as needed. We also had to communicate with our clients and address any issues or concerns. In other words, we had to be alert, agile, and adaptable.

By the end of the 9.9 period, we were exhausted, but we were also ecstatic. We had achieved our goals, delivered results for our clients, and learned a lot along the way.

Looking back, some of our team members shared their feelings of accomplishment with us. One of them said, “through sleepless nights, a symphony of triumph emerges as brands achieve their goals. Amidst the hustle, we find solace in shared celebrations, honoring each individual’s hard work.”

Reena, our Digital Director shared that “amidst the craziness of the bugs and glitches, restlessness from the long hours, and anxious excitement of each intraday pull, I was reminded of how lucky I am to be working with people who can power through all this madness with humor and grace.”

Nino, our Creatives Lead, looked back at this year’s 9.9 fondly and stated, “we've managed to produce high-performing banners, and the overall experience of leading the team has been a lot of fun. Yes, the weight of the responsibility on my shoulders is considerable, but it has added to the overall fulfillment of the experience and the results achieved.”

Rizelle, our Business Intelligence Lead, viewed this year’s 9.9 as a learning experience as she stated, “learning from my first mega campaign would bring so much towards the next mega campaigns that I will have with Calibr8.”

Karla, a Media Business Unit Lead, spoke for most of us when she stated “this campaign was truly one unforgettable experience!”

With a couple more mega campaigns coming up before the year comes to a close, we’re confident that we can do even better, and we’re excited to see what the future has in store for us!