Highlights of Our 11.11 Season & Hallomeme Celebration

Jules Romero

Date Published: Dec 05, 2023

If you’ve read our previous 9.9 blog post, you may already have an idea of how busy mega campaign seasons are. Otherwise, what you have to know is that during the 11.11 mega campaign season, millions of customers flock to platforms like Shopee and Lazada to score the best deals and discounts. It’s a busy time for shoppers and an even busier time for brands and agencies.

The preparation for 11.11 started weeks before the actual campaign. We had to coordinate with our clients, design the creatives, set up the campaigns, and audit every part of the campaign again to make sure everything was set.

Our Creatives Cluster was busy with creating eye-catching banners and well-worded captions for all of our brands to entice buyers to add to cart and checkout on 11.11. Not only did they have to be quick, but they also had to be flexible and adaptable, as they had to deal with changes and requests from the brands.

Our Digital Marketing Analysts (DMA) were also very busy leading up to 11.11, ensuring that deals are cascaded to them early enough, that budgets are confirmed, and that all the campaigns were set up properly.

On the evening of November 10th, the entire team got together virtually for our 11.11 salubong. To start the evening, the People Team arranged a game of Kahoot. This was an online trivia game with the questions revolving around the work we do, the brands we handle, and the people in Calibr8. Between each of the questions, there would be short explanations regarding the answers. These questions allowed us to test our knowledge and gain insights on topics revolving around the company.

Later in the evening and throughout the weekend, all the DMAs took shifts optimizing their campaigns to ensure all the ads were performing well. As you may imagine, it was a tiring period for everyone.

One of our team members shared their experience and learning from the 11.11 mega campaign season:

“The 11.11 Mega Campaign Season is not merely a period of frantic sales and jaw-dropping discounts; it’s a battleground where brands and marketers clash to win the hearts of consumers. ... Managing a mega campaign is no small feat, and my first-hand experience exposed me to the true meaning of stress and exhaustion.”

After weeks of hard work, we finally reached the end of the 11.11 campaign. We were exhausted, but we were also glad to have made it this far.

To celebrate our achievements, we had a face-to-face Hallomeme party (meme-themed belated Halloween party) in a spacious two-floor room in Oxford Suites Makati. Before the party proper, we sat down to discuss our achievements during the 11.11 season, as well as roadblocks and points for improvement to implement for upcoming double-digit campaigns.

After we finished the more serious part of the day, everyone changed into their meme-inspired costumes. Local or foreign, old or recent – there was a diverse range of meme-inspired outfits.

We had several games and activities during the party, such as charades and pass the message. One highlight activity was a fashion show of sorts to put the spotlight on our outfits and what memes they were inspired by. By the end of the fashion show, there was a voting for the winners of two categories: most accurate outfit won by Renz, one of our Graphic Artists, and cutest outfit won by Karla, one of our Senior Digital Marketing Associates.

We also had a short presentation for Syd, our CEO, to wish him a belated happy birthday. During this period, each cluster presented food items they brought and explained how their chosen food items represent or remind them of Syd.

After all the activities, it was time for dinner followed by drinks. The after-party festivities served as an opportunity to let loose with our co-workers after a tiring 11.11 period.

One of our team members shared their experience and learnings from the Hallomeme party:

“Hallomeme gave me the opportunity to find old friends in new ones. Getting to know the ups and downs, discovering shared interests, and learning about the multifaceted aspects of my co-workers’ lives created bonds that extend beyond the confines of the office. The celebration allowed me to see Calibr8 as a collective of humans, each with their unique stories, passions, and quirks. It’s a reminder that a strong and supportive team is built on genuine connections and shared experiences.”

For some of us, it was our first 11.11 experience with Calibr8. Although it may not have been our first mega campaign, 11.11 did come with its own unique set of challenges and learnings we’re sure to apply moving forward.

If you’re interested in working with us please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always excited to help brands reach their e-commerce goals like we did last 11.11. You can email us at hello@calibr8digital.com or check us out on social media @calibr8digital.