Cebu: A Trip to Remember

Jules Romero

Date Published: Nov 10, 2023

Earlier this year, our company had an amazing trip to Cebu, where we enjoyed some of the best attractions and activities that the island has to offer. It was a great opportunity for us to bond as a team, to challenge ourselves, and to have fun. In this blog post, we want to share with you some of the highlights of our trip, and how it made us stronger as a company and as individuals.

One of the main themes of our trip was adventure. We wanted to try new things, explore new places, and push our boundaries. We wanted to experience the thrill and excitement of Cebu's natural wonders.

One of the highlight activities was canyoneering at Kawasan Falls. This involved trekking, jumping, and swimming through tough terrain. It was a thrilling and exhilarating activity that tested our physical and mental limits. As Nino, our Creatives Lead, put it, “the slippery and jagged rocks, the cold spring water that fell alongside us, and those jumps that pumped the adrenaline out of everyone, t’was such an adventure.”

Some of us were nervous about jumping from high cliffs and navigating the difficult trails. Renz, one of our Graphic Artists, shared that, “we jumped, swam, and walked, and we didn't even know how long we had been doing that or how far we had gone.”

But we encouraged each other and cheered each other on. As Syd, our CEO, stated, "it was even more rewarding to see how some people, in the true spirit of teamwork, waited for and assisted others while they went through the difficult trails. It’s such a strong testimony that we've built a company of people who care for each other."

Another adventurous activity that we did was swimming with the whale sharks in the open sea. These gentle giants are truly majestic and awe-inspiring, and we were lucky enough to see them up close and personal. It was an unforgettable experience that made us appreciate the beauty and diversity of nature.

Although these activities pushed many of us out of our comfort zones, they were worth it.

Reena, our Digital Director, mentioned, “as I conquered my own fears and looked past the cuts and bruises, I was able to see new and amazing vistas, make new memories, and uncover a side of me I didn’t know existed.”

Karl, one of our Digital Marketing Analysts, reflected on the activities and commented, “while it was definitely tiring, especially during some of the days when we were running on 2 to 4 hours of sleep, I would like to say that seeing all the great things made the lack of sleep worth it.”

Of course, no trip to Cebu would be complete without eating delicious food. We indulged ourselves with some of the best dishes that Cebu has to offer. Syd stated, "I also loved that at the end of each action-filled day, we're all showered with the most delicious food available - the grilled food boodle fight after our grand race, humba and those sinful mangoes after our Kawasan canyoneering, and THAT FEAST during lunch on our final day."

Yes, we got to experience new and exciting things during our trip. But beyond that, we got to have fun together, enjoying each other's company. Syd put it best when he stated, "the whole experience just truly made me feel so blessed - blessed to be surrounded with such fun and loving people, and blessed to have the freedom to reward and give everyone in the company a well-deserved break for all their hard work!"

Our Cebu trip was more than just a vacation. It was a learning experience that taught us a lot about ourselves and each other. It was a growth opportunity that made us stronger as a company and as individuals.