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How To Advertise On Facebook In 2021 And Skyrocket Your Business?

Times are changing and, whether you like it or not, Facebook Ads is becoming a norm for businesses. If you have a brand or e-commerce venture and would like to generate more sales, then you have to think twice before jumping into your very first Facebook campaign.


In this article, we will not be tackling the specifics of performance marketing just yet. It is more important that I share with you the simplicity of using the Facebook platform and how, with just a bit of tinkering, you will be able to boost your turnover in record time. Ready to learn how to advertise on Facebook like a pro?

What we'll discuss:

Get ready to become Facebook-savvy with these topics!


  • Advertising on Facebook ads is a breeze… well, almost!
  • How to create a campaign on Facebook that performs?
  • How do I reach my target audience?
  • Placing your Facebook campaigns
  • Create your creatives and text of your Facebook ads
  • How to get the most out of your Facebook campaigns?
  • Allow time for your Facebook campaigns to be distributed

Advertise On Facebook Ads A Breeze… Well, Almost!

Facebook Ads, when in the right hands, can become an unbelievably powerful tool. It can be daunting at first, but practice will be key. Google Ads offers similar solutions via Adsense (more commonly known as GDN or the Google Display Network), but Facebook uses people-based targeting (since its users have to provide information whenever they set up an account) so it allows for more granular targeting methods. Furthermore, people access the Facebook family of apps more than any other mobile app!

What can Facebook do for you?

Or rather, what do you want Facebook to do FOR you? Similar to the sales funnel that mirrors the consumer journey, Facebook offers objectives that aim to reach consumers at their awareness, consideration, and conversion levels


Awareness is the time of the initial encounter where a person will discover your brand for the very first time, while the Consideration will bring value to your image and interest.


Finally, Conversion is the last step where the goal is to get any actions.

Facebook Objectives ( Source Facebook )

To give you more details about the different options you have, here is a list of all the objectives that the Facebook platform offers:




  • Brand awareness: Increase awareness for your brand by reaching people who are more likely to be interested in it
  • Reach: Show your ad to the maximum number of people




  • Traffic: Send more people to a destination on or off Facebook such as a website, app or Messenger conversation.
  • Commitment: Get more post engagements, Page likes, event responses or offer claims.
  • App installs: Get more people to install your app.
  • Video views: Get more people to view your video content.
  • Lead Generation: Drive more sales leads, such as email addresses, from people interested in your brand or business.
  • Messages: Get more people to send messages to your business in Messenger or WhatsApp.




  • Conversions: Drive valuable actions on your website, app or in Messenger.
  • Catalog sales: Create ads that automatically show items from your catalog based on your target audience.
  • Store traffic: Drive visits to your physical stores by showing ads to people who are nearby.
  • As you can see, Facebook ads gives you a lot of flexibility in your campaigns. You have to determine your goals and to properly respect your conversion funnel. Also, consider determining a daily budget or period budget to limit your expenses.

How do I reach my target audience?

The first step is to define your audience. If you already have historical demographics to help you pinpoint the ideal audience, then that’s great! If not, take the time to sit down and visualize the personas that you want to reach.

Are they men or women? Young or old? Interested in fashion or sports? The more characteristics you can think of, the better your results will ultimately be.


But don’t limit yourself to just one audience, or else you’ll miss out on Facebook’s fancy optimizing-algorithm! Maybe have an audience to prospect new people? Oh, and another audience to retarget your old customers?


You have the freedom to create as many audiences as you want so that you can test which audience will respond better to your ads. Testing will be done on the ad set level, but make sure that the ad sets you create will be exclusive.


In doing so, we reduce Facebook’s audience overlap so that no two ad sets will be competing for the same person.

Facebook Audience( Source Facebook )

Ads Manager also offers you an amazing tool that allows you to target a broader audience that could possibly look like the profile of your target clients such as Facebook Lookalike and Audience Insight.

Where will your ads go, exactly?

Everywhere! Just kidding. You could either manually set up the placements that you want, or allow Facebook to automatically mount your ads through ALL its platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, and more.


However, automatically does not necessarily equate to optimal. If you already know that your target audience rarely browses through Instagram, then you might want to choose edit placement instead and disable that placement to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.

Facebook Objectives ( Source Facebook )

It’s up to you to understand what works and what doesn’t. Nothing prevents you from creating multiple variations of your ads in your campaigns in order to have a broader vision and to target a wide market, especially at the beginning.


After, you will then need to reduce your target to focus on what works better by investing more in those specific ads. This will give you a better chance of converting clicks into revenue.

What ad formats will be available to me?

Marketing experts will mention “creatives” and “ad copy”, but call it the way you want it. Here, you will have to be imaginative because this is what will be seen by your targeted audience.

Facebook Ads Formats ( Source Facebook )

Among the broadcast formats that Facebook offers you will have:


  • Carousel: These are videos or pictures that you can scroll from left to right. Not bad if you have several products.

Facebook Carousel

  • Single image or Video: Here you broadcast a single image at a time or a video but nothing prevents you from creating a slideshow.

Facebook Single Image

  • Collection: With this format, Facebook offers you the possibility to propose a set of visual products. When the visitor clicks, a single image opens. This is also a good option if you have a wide range of products.

Facebook Collection Ads Image Example

Everything’s set up! What now?

Success is never immediate and takes time and effort. In this case, it takes time and money. Don’t be afraid to initially spend without making a profit in return, since Facebook’s algorithm will have to go through a “learning phase”.


Once it begins noticing patterns, it will direct its advertising efforts towards the best-performing audience, placement, etc. That is why setting up as many variations to test is imperative!


However, once Facebook completes its learning phase, it’s time for you to learn what Facebook generates for you. The dashboard Facebook provides for you gives you the option to toggle what metrics you want to see. Monitor those metrics, and deactivate the things that don’t perform.


Worried that all of this can be too overwhelming? Don’t fret! If you do not feel comfortable with managing your Facebook campaigns, there are agencies and experts who can easily help you with how to advertise on Facebook. calibr8 Digital Philippines, for example, is an agency based in Asia and specializes in performance marketing, especially Facebook advertising.


Let them handle your campaigns, and they will make sure that your campaign delivers in the most optimized way possible.

Maximizing Facebook Campaigns

Once your campaigns are over, you will need to make sure that your performance is up to your expectations. I will not go into detail about how you can optimize your expenses but I will give you some tips.


We all agree that for you, the business owner, what matters is to generate more income than to spend. This is fairly logical but is quite hard to achieve. While creating a Facebook campaign, you will have to think long-term but more importantly, have the conversion funnel in mind to help you with your campaign goals.

Facebook Sale Funnel ( Source Facebook )

As I told you earlier in the article, you will have to create more variations of Ad sets by playing with the audience settings and your ad placements.


Also, it is important to know that Facebook will deliver better results over time so do not expect to have a phenomenal performance at your first go. Although, after your ad has had a few days of distribution already, your campaigns will be generating more traffic on your ads.

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